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In honor of starting my red dress I figured I would type in red. So when I went to Joanns finding the fabic was quit the challenge, since I had no idea what I was looking for. The first associate I run into was so unhelpful! It made me mad! I was already in a bad mood as it is. He sent me to the quilting area! Luckily I ran into a nice lady name Julianne, who assisted me right away and I got the fabic I needed. I have everything cut out thus far, and the fun begins today…




So one would think that making a dress from a pattern that is considered “easy’ would be easy. But let me tell you. It is NOT!!! I had sewin so many things the wrong or I sewed to much fabric together, where it like bunched. First off, mainly because cause the direction are a little hard to understand for first time sewers. I don’t understand anything. I do have to tell you though. I sewed on a pretty hot pocket. But I even messed that up, BECAUSE you can not actually use the pocket, as I sewed the opening SHUT. Sewing on the pocket was Step 12 out of 16, that my friend was my high point, because I actually did it right. I will probably be finishing my PRACTICE, yes I said PRACTICE dress today. Which means I have to go through the torture and fun all over again. Hopefully the second time around is easier, and I learned from my first mistakes.

Red Dress Collection

Red Dress Collection

Look for inspration for my red dress I came across an artical about Red Dress Collection Fashion Show: Heart-Health Awareness Focus Of Fashion Week Event.





I nicely pinned every thing started sewing, and I did not check to see if the material was flat and sewed to much together.